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To:  Philippine Congress

We are calling on the House of Representatives and the Senate to junk the proposed “Bataan Nuclear Power Plant Re-commissioning Act of 2008” (HB 4631 and SB 2665) which mandates the “immediate re-commissioning and commercial operation of the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant”

The respective bills in the House of Representatives and in the Senate are being pushed with the pretext that the operation of the plant will address our problems on energy and climate change. However, we believe that there is no basis, and it is extremely dangerous and economically disadvantageous to operate the BNPP. The following are points as to why we are opposed to the said bills:

1. The BNPP is not essential in addressing the looming “energy crisis” in 2012. The country has vast indigenous energy resources that we can tap which are more safe and reliable than nuclear power.

2. The operation of the BNPP does not assure cheap electricity for the people and energy independence for the country.

3. The BNPP is defective, almost obsolete and is not safe to operate. There are numerous and significant arguments being raised with regards to geologic hazards, infrastructure integrity, and nuclear waste storage and disposal. Its operation will pose great risks to the health and lives of the people and the environment.

4. The fund for the BNPP, to be paid by additional people’s taxes and foreign loans, would be a source of corruption and kickbacks for the corrupt officials and cronies of the current administration. Until now, no one has been held accountable for the BNPP corruption scandals of the Marcos administration.

5. The BNPP’s contribution to the reduction of global carbon emissions would be very minimal as the Philippines is not a top producer of greenhouse gases and energy production is second only to transportation in terms of emissions in our country.

By signing this petition, we urge the House of Representatives and the Senate to junk HB 4631 and SB 2665. More importantly, we call on our fellow Filipinos to strongly oppose the BNPP revival and to demand a genuinely nationalist, pro-people and pro-environment energy policy.


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22 03 2009

no to bnpp revival!

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